Uplift Your Spirits: Infusing Summer Freshness into Your Home
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Uplift Your Spirits: Infusing Summer Freshness into Your Home

When the afternoon lull sets in, swapping the ambiance of your space can be a revitalizing remedy. For a touch of seasonal zest, consider treating yourself to the joy of summer candles. Transition your home from the cozy wintry haven of evergreen and spiced citrus scents into a sunny, breezy getaway. Immerse yourself in the essence of a citrus grove nestled on the Almafi Coast or the fresh, salty air of a seaside escape thanks to a selection that has our editors buzzing.

Escape to a coastal paradise with the Montauk Candela. This scent mingles the salty sea breeze with a hint of soft cashmere, evoking memories of seaside frolics and open windows to the ocean.

Lavender lovers will adore the Ojai Lavender Soy Candle - a nod to summer's warm embrace without the weight of overwhelming sweetness, making every corner of your home feel like a lush lavender field.

Embark on a sensory journey with the Amalfi del Mar Candle, whose lemony zest, carried by a gentle breeze, offers a delicate and sweet aroma, even when unlit.

The ever-popular Volcano Capiz Glass Jar Candle is a fusion of tropical fruits and citrus, infusing your space with a perennial fresh touch, reminiscent of a whimsical Anthropologie essence.

For those summer evenings perfect for a homemade Aperol spritz on the balcony, the Glossier You Scented Candle, with its citrusy, fresh, and floral tones, serves as both a chic decor element and a harbinger of summer vibes.

The Zion National Park Candle brings the outdoors in, lighting up your room with the relaxing notes of desert lavender, sage, and the unique crackling of a wood wick.

Concluding with a scent that epitomizes summer, the Ellwood Eucalyptus Candle's Californian eucalyptus aroma turns any room into a luxuriously fragrant retreat. Elevate your space with these summer sensations, and transform your home into a vibrant vacation haven.

Invite the magic of summer into your living spaces with our top summer candle picks and let the spirit of the season dance in the air around you!

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