Cultivating Togetherness and Individuality in Relationships
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Cultivating Togetherness and Individuality in Relationships

Open communication, curiosity, individual interests, and teamwork are just a few ways to develop a healthy relationship. But it may also depend on your needs and those of your partner. Share on PinterestGetty ImagesIf you have or want a romantic relationship, you probably want a healthy one, right? But what's a healthy relationship, exactly? Well, it depends. Healthy relationships don't look the same for everyone since people have different needs. Your specific needs around communication, sex, affection, space, shared hobbies or values, and so on may change throughout life. So, a relationship that works in your 20s may be nothing like the relationship you want in your 30s. Relationships that don't align with more traditional definitions of a relationship can still be healthy. For example, people who practice polyamory or ethical non-monogamy might define a healthy relationship somewhat differently than people who practice monogamy. In short, \ #HealthyRelationships #OpenCommunication #Individuality #Partnership #MutualSupport #Love #PersonalGrowth #RelationshipGoals